Making the playoffs are not always set in stone.  Customers  usually know when they win. This gives us a narrow window to do the art and deliver the product. Yeah, we rocked it.

4 Color Simulated Process

Base White, Cool Grey 7C,  Pantone Red 185C and black

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"The shirts look great!" `  Waynoka All Sports Club




We love working with high schools. They send us a concept and we do our magic, like this 4 color simulated process job we did for our friends at Alva High School.

Wreck Em'


Waynoka Homecoming

This was a rush job. We landed it, concept to finish print, within a week. The client gave us,  "Homecoming and Wreck Em' " and told us to roll with it. We did.


Homecoming shirts turned out AMAZING... thank you Miller Graphics! ~ Jennifer Rich, Waynoka All Sports Club

They look awesome and that was super fast! ~ Savanah Smith

Matco Tools

Matco Tools

Second Print in Series

We did this print for a tool company that distributes Matco Tools throughout the state of Arizona. This particular print is going to all the sub distributors in Arizona. They are printed on Red Cap work shirts. (Actual Print)


"The guys are going crazy with them. They look great!" ~ Jared Van Asdlan, Matco Tools, Tucson, AZ

Jobs We printed and the story


Tribute Shirt.

This is a job we rush printed and shipped to Arizona to help one of a fellow screen printer. They were unable to print the job. They had to help their mother who lost her house in the recent California Wild Fires. We got a call from Doug Gibson, a former printer from Maui, who organized the tribute to ask us if we could pitch in. We did because screen printers are family. Cory Houck was a legend in the Arizona VW community. (Actual Print)

3 color Sim process

1. Base White, 230 mesh

2. Pantone Cool Grey 8, 305 mesh

3. Black, 305 mesh

22.5 angle 50 LPI


Got the shirts today.  They look fantastic! Thanks Again. ~ Doug Gibson

Holy Sh!T Donnie!! Great Print!! ~ Lemorris Harris, Artist, Tucson Arizona

The butterfly/moon print

A job we printed and shipped to New York for David Laks, a Woodstock area recording artist and recording studio owner. His daughter did this watercolor painting and he wanted to reproduce it on tee shirts for a benefit concert. This is a tough mandate to accomplish on tees, but we did it. He was very pleased.

 You got the colors right. Beautifully done project. ~ David Laks